A Novel Optical Sensor Configuration

Description A novel optical-fiber sensor configuration has been developed for use in parallel bioreactor arrays and other potential applications. A major advantage of this configuration (as opposed to the commonly applied backscattering configuration) is that it minimizes or eliminates the effect of exterior light absorption/scattering on the sensor measurement, while allowing the detector to be positioned in a way that is amenable for sensor multiplexing, enabling substantial reduction in the cost of the multi-sensor system. This configuration may be applied to a variety of optical and fluorescence-based sensors, including but not limited to dissolved oxygen sensors, optical density sensors, glucose, and pH sensors.

Applications Low-cost multi-unit bioreactor systems Bioprocessing High-throughput screening Multi-analyte assays/diagnostics Main Advantages Expanded upon standard microtiter plate technologies Small footprint Ability to grow cells under a wide array of controlled conditions at low cost Broad range of biomedical and biotechnological applications Useful for sensor multiplexing Simple, inexpensive, versatile

Type of Offer: Licensing

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