Rapid Generation of Pulse Flash Free Radicals to Kill Human Cancer Cells, Recycle Human Urine, and Mineralize Organic Chemicals in Wastewater by Using Metallic Cations and Hydrides

Description This invention relates to use the reactions between cationic metals and hydrides to generate free radicals and undergo subsequent oxidation to destroy organic chemicals and kill human cancer cells.

Applications The inventors have demonstrated the following novel applications of the processes described herein which generate free radicals, including, but not limited to:

Industrial organic wastewater treatment Recycling of human urine Killing human cancer cells Main Advantages Rapid destruction of organic chemicals in a few seconds Industrial application to remediate water contaminated with organic chemicals Special application for human urine recycling in the aerospace application The inventors have succefully produced free radicals within a few seconds and demonstrated with experimental examples to mineralize the organics. This process is particularly valuable for recycling human urine for the aerospace applications. This process effectively kills human cancer cells in water.

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