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Sterilization by UV radiation is well known, working by attacking the DNA of microorganisms. UV below about 200 nm will also cause the generation of small amounts of ozone, an additional means of sterilization. However, most commercially available germicidal lamps operate on mercury vapor, which generates most of its light at 254 nm and does not create ozone. The subject technologies comprise five U.S. patents concerning UV sterilization with multiple international patents protecting the same technology:

6,039,928 – Writing Implement Sterilization Apparatus 6,301,359 – Telephone Handset Sterilizer Method and Apparatus 6,365,113 – Trash Receptacle Sterilization Method and Apparatus 6,458,331 – Computer Input Device Sterilization Method and Apparatus 6,490,351 – Telephone Handset Sterilizer Method and Apparatus

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