Remote Monitoring and Relaying for Wrist Watch Alarm

Hearing loss can be a problem for many segments of the population. As the population gets older and the ability to hear high pitch sounds decreases, it may not always be possible to hear a watch alarm or cell phone ringing. It is common to see people use watch alarms to remind them to take medications. Often, if the person is active or the watch is under clothing, it is not possible for the person to hear the alarm.

The detailed invention details an electronic device that would be worn close to the ear (ie. on eyeglasses or in the ear as a hearing aid) that would listen for a watch alarm or a cell phone ring or a PDA alarm and then provide another louder audible cue to the user. This user would then hear the alarm and be reminded to take medicine, attend an appointment or do what ever the alarm was set for. The secondary alarm would mount on glasses or earrings to provide speaker next to the ear for easier perception of the alarm. The premise of the invention is to build an add on device to existing appliances that does not require a change to the existing appliances and at the same time is compatible with any audible alarm. There is a market for his idea, which can be expanded to existing technology via the learning mode. Someone would have to buy all new appliances with vibration alarms to replace what they could no longer hear. Phones in pockets or briefcases will not alert the user on vibration mode because the vibration would not be easy to feel on a low powered device. The disclosed device could detect a ringing phone in a purse or briefcase and alert the user with a secondary alarm.

*This technology has a US patent application being processed

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