Advanced Thin Flexible Microelectronic Assemblies and Methods for Making Same

Reseachers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) have developed advanced processes to produce thin, flexible microelectronic assemblies that are 100-mm (0.004-inch) thick, only slightly thicker than the diameter of a human hair. These processes are highly reliable, high-yielding, and highly manufacturable. Relying on established expertise and using new, innovative techniques, APL researchers have recently advanced their ability to develop these thin, flexible microelectronic assemblies to a new limit — APL researchers can now produce these ultra-thin, flexible microelectronics assemblies with thicknesses of only 30-mm.

APL’s processes yield low-cost, highly manufacturable flip-chip assemblies. This new capability for assembling thinned die to polyimide flex substrates achieves low ultimate system height between the chip and the substrate or interposer, thereby producing paper-thin microelectronic assemblies that are close to their theoretical limit of minimum thickness and have a higher interconnect density than commercially available components. APL’s processes have been thoroughly qualified through stringent reliability testing; yield components that significantly surpass the current reliability standards required of commercial components; and eliminate the need for special handling, tools, and techniques. APL’s ultra-thin microelectronic assemblies offer advantages in their ruggedness; lightweight and compact size; and low power consumption. In addition, the assemblies are conformable, such that they may be mounted or laminated to curved surfaces and serve in applications requiring assemblies of a non-standard form factor.

*The exciting array of potential uses of APL’s microelectronic assemblies includes smart cards; active circuit appliqués; highly miniaturized and implantable biomedical devices; incorporation of active circuitry into fabric (i.e. ‘smart’ fabrics); and application of active circuitry onto fixed-curved surfaces. Reduced to practice; available for licensing

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