Active Electronic Security Cloth and Webbing

There is an increasing concern about detection and prevention of tampering with such articles as computers, sensors, special materials, equipment cabinets, vehicles, and with facility entrances. Existing measures include anti-tamper circuits, locks, seals, and closed circuit monitoring. However, the first several of these can be countered and the third requires human involvement.

The invention is a material such as cloth or webbing with wired and wireless electronic circuits, accelerometers, and batteries woven into the article to be protected or monitored that provides a form of "feeling" and can respond in a number of ways including wireless alertment. The security cloth can be woven with reinforced fiber material to provide enhanced resistance to tampering. The webbing can be ephemeral, so that its presence cannot be detected by an intruder. The interwoven circuits detect attempts to break through the security cloth or webbing and can relay an alert, counter the intrusion attempt, or just record the tampering event for future download. Also disclosed are mechanisms for attachment, programming, and opening/closing the security cloth. The security cloth/webbing of the invention is more foolproof, and in general lighter and more convenient, than the prior art and does not require human involvement once activated.

US 735,228   [MORE INFO]

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