Low Cost, Compressed Gas Fuel Storage System

It has been demonstrated that compressed gasses such as hydrogen, propane, methane or natural gas are viable alternatives to petroleum as a fuel source for motor vehicles. Such vehicles have been restricted to fleet trucks, delivery vans, buses and taxis due to their limited range. The restrictions and limitations are caused by the space required for existing compressed gas fuel systems. This space penalty results in lost truck bed volume, automobile trunk volume and range. Furthermore, higher initial purchase prices are experienced due to the cost of the gas storage systems.

The present invention from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab utilizes the latest developments in materials and manufacturing processes to produce a compressed gas fuel storage system that minimizes the limitations of current gas storage systems discussed above. The materials and processes used enable mass production of the fuel storage system, significantly reducing its initial cost. Of critical importance, the invention includes the design of a lightweight, high strength storage system that meets or exceeds the safety requirements and application standards dictated by applicable governmental and industrial standards.

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