Computer-Controlled Neurological Stimulation System

Implanted electrical stimulation devices have been employed in the management of chronic intractable pain for over twenty years. The most common electrode implantation site has been the dorsal spinal epidural space. Spinal cord stimulation, like peripheral nerve or thalamic stimulation, evokes paresthesias at amplitudes that produce analgesia; the location of these paresthesias varies with electrode location. Empirically, it has proved to be necessary for therapeutic effect that these paresthesias correspond closely to the topography of an individual patient's pain.

Neurological stimulation alleviates chronic pain and other functional neurological disorders by delivering electrical impulses to the nervous system of a patient. Within this setting, a computer interface optimizes stimulation with commercially available neurostimulators. The computer and interface, in cooperation with a unique graphics input device, deliver arbitrary and unique paradigms of stimulation. The computer interface provides for efficient patient interaction, optimizes stimulation automatically, and reduces the need for health care professionals.

US 5,370,672

Type of Offer: Licensing

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