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Healthcare costs continue to escalate at a steep rate. Cost increases have occurred in all areas, including insurance premiums, medical equipment, medicines and costs for visits to doctors. A great deal of energy has gone into finding ways to reduce healthcare costs, from government control of aspects of health care to insurance company managed care plans to control patient utilization of the healthcare system and provider actions.

The present invention provides protocols and environment for applying knowledge to health care risk management. The protocols and environment identify a sequence of actions and knowledge sets based on patient information that may be involved in health care risk management. The protocols and environment for identified at risk patients can include assessing compliance risk, establishing compliance goals, identifying and applying required interventions, and collecting and annotating medical information relevant to the compliance management process. The environment provides a suite of software tools that seamlessly couple the protocols and knowledge in a health care provider intuitive fashion.

The present invention includes a computer software environment and systems architecture. The computer software includes a computer readable medium and computer program instructions recorded on the computer readable medium and executable by a processor for performing the steps of the method of the present invention. The system architecture design enables reconfiguration to many client-server implementations to support different business models. For example, the present invention can support a standalone platform, a local area network, and/or world wide web implementations. The architecture may be based on Java technology that ensures portability and platform independence. The architecture can leverage the Java Enterprise technology, which provides for flexibility and incorporation of enterprise support services such as transaction management and security capabilities. Furthermore, the architecture is constructed using object technology that mirrors the problem domain taxonomy.

Still other objects and advantages of the present invention will become readily apparent by those skilled in the art from a review of the following detailed description. The detailed description shows and describes preferred embodiments of the present invention, simply by way of illustration of the best mode contemplated of carrying out the present invention. As will be realized, the present invention is capable of other and different embodiments and its several details are capable of modifications in various obvious respects, without departing from the invention. Accordingly, the drawings and description are illustrative in nature and not restrictive.

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