A library containing more than 3000 new enzymes produced by 14 Fungi

Solution / invention summary :
14 fungi have been grown in various harsh conditions in order to produce a variety of enzymes. A high throughput platform is then used to isolate some 3000 new enzymes. A few of them are being tested by industrial partners.

Advantages / benefits :
The isolated enzymes are novel and can make enzyme economically viable in selected industrial processes.

Potential applications :
Enzymes can replace chemicals in industrial processes in industries such as Pulp & Paper, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Animal Feeds. They can also be used to transform the biomass into usefull products such as fuel.

Licensing opportunity :
Looking for partnership for testing and commercializing enzymes for industrial applications.

Inventor(s): Adrian Tsang, Reginald Storms, Gregory Butler

Type of Offer: Licensing

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