Central Website Management System

Web design and scripting are time consuming processes made even more daunting as the size and complexity of an organization increases. Developers at the University have simplified the task of creating an up to date, uniform website that has the ability to be customized by different sub groups with no programming experience. This website management system is driven from a single database to allow for shared resourcing while retaining significant data mining capabilities. To browse the output from this powerful program visit http://www.hum.utah.edu/

This application would fit well into a university or college setting or for corporations that have multiple subunits generating individualized web content.

Stage of Development
*Archived and searchable news and events
*Searchable faculty of staff directory that is editable by the individual
*Survey generation and posting
*Searchable Class and Coarse listing
*Searchable Fellowship and scholarship

Additional Info
This software solution is a registered copyright that has been validated in the department of humanities. It is currently being used to generate website content for both the college of humanities as well as the school of business. It is available for licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.

Inventor(s): Cecily Ellis, Jim Tipton, Heidi Camp, Randy Madsen

Type of Offer: Licensing

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