Method of Producing Nano-Grained Composites or High-Melting Intermetallics

This technology describes the direct production of nano-grained composite materials by extrusion of the reactants into a reactor in which a temperature gradient is maintained. A condensed-phase (solid or liquid phase) mixture of precursor is used to produce nano-grained product that may take the form of a porous sponge to be further processed into bulk forms. This process provides a convenient means for incorporating additive carbides for property improvement. The resulting product is expected to be a mixture in which the minor additives are much more uniformly distributed than possible from the conventional process.

*Tungsten carbide is widely used manufacturing sectors such as metal working, oil and gas drilling, mining etc.
*Intermetallic compounds are of interest as light-weight, high temperature structural materials

Stage of Development
This technology is part of an active and ongoing research program.

Additional Info

Inventor(s): Hong Yong Sohn

Type of Offer: Licensing

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