Compositions and Kits for Fluorescence Polarization Assay of Large Molecules

This invention describes a methodology for determination of high molecular weight antigens based on the principles of fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPI). An improved oligopeptide composition for use in a fluorescent polarization immunoassay for a high molecular weight analyte is disclosed, along with a kit and a method using the composition. The composition comprises an oligopeptide selected by a screening procedure in which a plurality of different oligopeptides having respective amino acid sequences that represent sequential overlapping segments of the analyte amino acid sequence, and a fluorescent label bound thereto. In a preferred embodiment, the oligopeptide has an amino acid sequence which does not form internal disulfide bridges. Such a preferred oligopeptide will generally have no more than one cysteine residue. In a further preferred embodiment, the fluorescent label is tetramethylrhodamine or a cyanine dye. The kit may be packaged with instructions directing a user to prepare an assay solution containing the monoclonal antibody and the oligopeptide in certain respective concentrations. The composition, method and kit are preferably constructed to detect nanomolar concentrations of the analyte.

The composition, method and kit can be used in clinical diagnostics for high molecular weight antigens, quality control of antibody production and measuring antibody concentrations in body fluids

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*U.S. Patents: 6,632,613
*International Patents Issued: France, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom
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Inventor(s): Ai-Ping Wei, James Herron

Type of Offer: Licensing

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