Medicinal Drugs and Health Products from Natural Sources for Treating a Wide Range of Diseases

Areas of rich biodiversity, such as among the tropical forests and coral reefs of the South Pacific, are home to a wide pharmacopoeia of natural molecules which have evolved to regulate the interactions of an organism with its neighbors. Drs. Chris Ireland and Louis Barrows of the University of Utah are leading an international collaborative research effort to assess these biological interactions in order to identify novel medicinal compounds. In conjunction with numerous investigators at an array of research institutions, this wide reaching research seeks to collect and isolate active fractions from extracts of various flora and fauna. The investigators employ screens to assay these fractions for their application to treat oncological, cardiovascular, endocrinological, neurological, and inflammatory conditions as well as for their effectiveness against microbial diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV. In addition to an already large survey of terrestrial plant and coral reef organisms, the researchers have now begun to collect and isolate fractions from novel microorganisms such as actinomycetes, fungi and eubacteria.

Global spending of health research is currently $55 billion. Global oncological drug sales are currently $24 billion and are expected to rapidly grow to $55 billion by 2009. A biological sample set that may contain new pharmacological activity is a major player in these markets.

Stage of Development
This technology is available for licensing or developmental support under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.

Additional Info
*Dijoux et. al. Antitumor activity and distribution of pyrroloiminoquinones in the sponge genus Zyzzya, Bioorg Med Chem. (Jul 8, 2005).
*Verbitski, et. al. Punaglandins, chlorinated prostaglandins, function as potent Michael receptors to inhibit ubiquitin isopeptidase activity, J Med Chem. 47(8): 2062-70 (Apr 8, 2004).
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Inventor(s): Chris Ireland, Louis Barrows

Type of Offer: Licensing

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