"To Thirty and Beyond" a Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention CD-Rom

This is a 20 minute educational CD-Rom designed to teach physicians, respiratory therapists, and nurses, how to overcome barriers to maintaining the head of the bed at an angle of thirty degrees or higher in mechanically-ventilated patients, in order to prevent ventilator-acquired pneumonia. Based on interview data from practicing intensivists, it addresses the barriers that prevent physicians, respiratory therapists, and nurses in intensive care from raising the head of the bed to thirty degrees or higher in ventilated patients.

This CD-Rom will be useful to hospitals with intensive care units, as head-of-bed elevation is now part of a recommended �Respiratory Bundle� of interventions to prevent pneumonia in ventilated patients. If accreditation of intensive care units depends on documenting elevation and education about elevation, then this CD-Rom accomplishes that education task.

Stage of Development
This copyrighted CD-Rom is currently being used in MICU at the University of Utah Hospital and is seeking partners for manufacturing/development and sales of the final product. It is available for licensing under either exclusive or non-exclusive terms.

Additional Info

Inventor(s): Wendy Rusin, Bryan Moore, Corey Fry, Stephanie Richardson

Type of Offer: Licensing

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