�O Conotoxins, including MrVIB, with potent and long-lasting analgesic effects

This invention relates to peptides derived from cone snail venom, including MrVIA and MrVIB. These peptides block specific sodium channel subtypes which mediate pain signals in dorsal root ganglion neurons, indicating they may be useful treatment for neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

? Chronic neuropathic pain is estimated to affect up to 8% of the world�s population.
? Currently, no highly effective treatment is available. In 2005, the European and US neuropathic pain markets were worth $2.5 billion combined.
? Analgesic compounds which are currently prescribed are largely ineffective, and are associated with adverse side effects

Additional Info
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� Olivera Lab Website, http://www.biology.utah.edu/faculty2.php?inum=7

Inventor(s): R. Tyler McCabe, J. Michael McIntosh, Baldomero Olivera, John Wagstaff, Robert Jones, Ki-Joon Shon, James Garrett, Richard Layer, Arik Hasson, Micha Spira

Type of Offer: Licensing

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