Alpha Conotoxin peptides and derivatives as potential therapeutics for nerve hypersensitivity and neuropathic pain

This invention includes alpha-conotoxin peptides isolated from the venom of predatory snails and related synthetic derivatives which antagonize the a9a10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, which has been associated with neuropathic pain. These peptides are more specific for this receptor subtype than currently available antagonists and represent a previously unrecognized mechanism for treatment of nerve hypersensitivity and neuropathic pain, including sciatica and diabetic neuropathic pain .

� Chronic neuropathic pain is estimated to affect up to 8% of the world�s population. Currently, no highly effective treatment is available. In 2005, the European and US neuropathic pain markets were worth $2.5 billion combined.
� Analgesic compounds which are currently prescribed act through a small number of pharmacological mechanisms, are largely ineffective, and are associated with adverse side effects
� Other potential therapeutic uses for alpha conotoxins include inflammatory pain and inflammatory disorders, such as rheumatic diseases.

Additional Info
� Vincler, M. et al., (2006) PNAS 106:17880-
� Olivera Lab Webpage,
� Press Release: A New Target For Painkillers,

Inventor(s): David Hillyard, Maren Watkins, James Garrett, Gloria Corpuz, Robert Jones, Baldomero Olivera, Lourdes Cruz, J. Michael McIntosh

Type of Offer: Licensing

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