Plants Transformed with a Potato Virus Y Gene

Plants transformed with a potato virus Y gene

Abstract The invention relates to chimeric plasmids comprising at least one non-sttural potyvirus gene or fragment thereof, which gene is capable of being expressed in a plant transformed with the chimeric plasmid, the thus transformed plant being resistant to an infection by a plant potyvirus. The invention also relates to vectors comprising a chimeric plasmid according to the invention, particularly microorganisms transformed with the chimeric plasmids of the invention. Potyvirus-resistant plants having cells containing in their genomes the chimeric DNA sequences according to the invention, as well as seeds and cells of a potyvirus-resistant plant containing in their genome the said chimeric DNA sequences are also described and claimed, as well as methods of protecting plants against potyvirus infection wherein genomes of cells of the plant are provided with a chimeric DNA sequence according to the invention, whereby the calls become resistant to an infection by a potyvirus.

US 5,939,603

Type of Offer: Licensing

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