Control of Color and Fragrance in Carnations


The carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) is a vegetatively propagated crop, very detrimentally affected by inbreeding Carnations are leading ornamentals in the world flower market and their genetic modification is a highly desirable goal for both researchers and commercial companies. This innovative method offers an efficient, straightforward and reproducible alternative for generating carnation flowers in a variety of colors and with enhanced fragrance. Our Innovation

Three experimental conditions are combined to produce an efficient carnation transformation procedure: (1) micro projectile bombardment is used to wound stem explants, (2) specific dark/light regime optimizes transformation, and (3) an optimized two-cycle selection procedure. This method results in reliable production of carnations with new colors and enhanced fragrance.

Key Features

Enhancement of flower fragrance is achieved by antisense suppression of the flavonoid gene flavanone-3-hydroxylase (fht)
Production of carnations with novel traits such as vase life, architecture, disease resistance etc. Carnation plants with specific new traits can be grown under standard greenhouse conditions Enables the production of carnation flowers with modified color and fragrance Development Milestones

To generate transgenic plants with the desired traits in targeted commercial varieties using available construct The Opportunity

Carnation plants with specific new traits

Type of Offer: Licensing

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