Semiconductor Quantum Rod Lasers in a Cylindrical Microcavity


Development of nanocrystals on a variety of surfaces such as the inner surface of a cylindrical microcavity, a planar surface, a waveguide, or optical cavity structure on a chip Lower threshold for lasing than spherical dots Leverages quantum confinement effect for development of broad spectral coverage for luminescence and optical gain Our Innovation

Provides a method of producing a nanocrystals film for use in a solid-state, nanocrystal-based optical device Processes nanocrystals/rods carried by a substrate surface irradiated with electromagnetic radiation in a glass capillary Nanocrystals can be a variety of shapes, structures, and materials The Opportunity

Addresses wide field of optical devices including lasers, sensors and amplifiers Great flexibility re: generation of optical amplifiers in non-conventional matrices and configurations due to the chemical manipulation of the nanocrystals.

Development Milestones

Tailoring solutions to specific need, in terms of matrix and device to which optical gain element is to be integrated

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