A Method for the Preparation of Organic Nanoparticles, from Nanoemulsions


Provides a simple method of producing nanoparticles from nanoemulsions Improves on earlier methods dependent on expensive high-shear homogenizers Enhances the production rate of nanoparticles Can be used with heat-sensitive materials such as drugs, agrochemicals and cosmetically active materials. Our Innovation

Produces nanoparticles of active agents from nanoemulsions, preferably water insoluble organic active ingredients, Uses phase inversion techniques of emulsions, thus producing nanoemulsions by a cost-effective process, which eliminates the need for high shear-force equipment Phase inversion may be achieved by using either a constant temperature, where the inversion occurs by continuous addition of water or by varying the temperature, involving heating and rapid cooling. The optimal method is selected according to the nature of the required nanoparticles. The Opportunity

Process is simple, less expensive and can be used with a wider range of materials than earlier processes Can be used in a broad spectrum of industries, including but not exclusive to reaction media for polymerization, personal care and cosmetics, health care and agrochemicals

Development Milestones

Proof of concept already achieved for a variety of water insoluble organic materials. Development process should be adapted for each new organic molecule, with very short R&D activity expected.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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