New Approach for the Removal of Metal Ions from Water


Aquatic plant materials have shown a remarkably high adsorption capacity for heavy metals from waste water Significantly faster process: Removal and recovery of heavy metal ions reduced to one step Effective with either live plants or dried biomass

Our Innovation

Dramatically accelerates the adsorption of heavy metal wastes by aquatic plants through a specific type of irradiation by 50 to 200 fold, without needing external agents Utilizes plant materials available in large quantities with the potential to be used as alternative, low-cost adsorbents Environmentally friendly Removal of heavy metal ions from waste water and of recovery of the metallic nanoparticles may be conducted in one rapid step under this specific irradiation

The Opportunity

Rapidly expanding market for environmentally friendly water treatment solutions

Development Milestones

Seeking funding to develop a model to operate on a larger scale and gather data

Type of Offer: Licensing

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