Fog Elimination and Rain Enhancement


Method of cloud and fog seeding by releasing small, charged particles Charging seed particles increases efficiency of droplet collisions leading to enhanced precipitation Simulations indicate high efficiency cloud and fog seeding Applications: Rain enhancement in clouds; fog dissipation; scavenging aerosols from atmosphere Our Innovation

Detailed hydrodynamic calculations of collisions of charged and neutral particles and cloud droplets using advanced spectral-microphysics cloud models. Optimal types, concentration, and charge of seeding reagent determined, technical requirements for building a prototype device determined.

Key Features

Efficiency of method described is higher than that of other seeding methods Environmentally safe Potential to improve environmental conditions, atmospheric cleaning Cost-effective utilization of cheap and available seed material such as water and salt mixture Potential to sediment (and neutralize) toxic clouds and fogs resulting from industrial accidents or terrorist acts Development Milestones

Unique numerical models developed for simulating effects of seeding by charged droplets The Opportunity

More than 40 countries interested in artificially increased precipitation; more than 100 countries interested in fog elimination on roads, in airport areas, and in ski areas. China alone wants to create 48 – 60 billion cubic meters of rain annually through artificial means. Fog-eliminating equipment can be installed on most cars and railway tracks Potential to use the technology to scavenge aerosols and toxic substances from the atmosphere

Type of Offer: Licensing

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