Oxide-Supported Metal Nanoparticle Catalyst

BACKGROUND: Gold nanoparticles, particularly with dimensions less than 10 nm, exhibit unexpectedly high catalytic activities toward different types of reactions, a property not revealed in bulk gold. In order to obtain high catalytic activity, gold nanoparticles are generally dispersed on support materials such as oxides. The overall performance of a supported gold nanoparticle catalyst greatly depends on the size and shape of the gold nanoparticles, the structure and properties of oxide supports, and the gold-oxide interactions. Although several techniques have been developed to prepare oxide-supported gold nanoparticles, they do not allow precise control over these parameters. A new synthetic strategy is needed that makes it possible to manipulate each of the above factors for supported gold nanoparticles.

DESCRIPTION: Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a novel method of preparing supported metal nanoparticle catalysts. This new method permits easy control over different parameters of a supported metal nanoparticle catalyst (e.g., particle size, size distribution, loading). These parameters are difficult to control when using other preparation techniques. The technique has been successfully applied to develop green, efficient gold catalysts. The catalysts are efficient for the selective oxidation of alcohols, alkenes and aldehydes by using oxygen or air as oxidant under mild conditions in both gas phase and liquid phase. In addition to catalysis, the prepared oxide-supported metal nanoparticles are also potential antibiotic agents and waste water treatment materials.

APPLICATIONS: The supported nanocatalyst compositions may be useful as a:

* catalyst
* sensor
* battery or solar cell
* electronic or optoelectronic component
* molecular electronic device
* support materials for chemical or biochemical or photochemical modification of nanoparticles and chromatography
* light emitting device
* waste treating agent
* antibiotic agent
* photocatalytic material

REFERENCE: 2007-037

Type of Offer: Licensing

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