Commercial Retrofit of Power Plant for Major Fuel & Co2 Savings

This worldwide available technology is retrofitted into any size or any fuel type power plant units and has proven efficiency improvement of about 10% in 600mw over the past 5 years. The inventions major CO2 reductions in a coal plant same as 25% reduction in gas plant.

This improvement is due to more expansion in turbine. Payback occurs in a few days. At today's fuel costs it saves over $100,000 per week in even smaller size units. Certain cap-and-trade of CO2 and other gases will increase value of invention in units with more complete expansion and lessen losses.

Technology benefits most power plants. This includes over 75% of all power plants. Technology can benefit all of these power plants even fully loaded units. Westinghouse data noting this can be provided.

Have U.S. patent and recent patent pending also required to run system and working on getting rights outside the U.S. under Patent Cooperation Treaty. Completed patent application is being submitted.

Invention developed by an experienced licensed power plant engineer who can work after the sale as a consultant. Unique invention verified by past national president of engineering society. Improvement noted in a letter from a major utility power plant engineer and also a major power plant magazine article. Improvement verified with letters from college professors.

The installation operates automatically and consists usually of just two 6" pipes. Unique controls only requires the bore cutting of 4 holes about 6 inches in diameter.

Units have more usable energy. Invention considered a renewable energy project.

Sale may include revenue from future customer that has an installed system. Seller will provide installation drawings, equipment list, vendors who can provide pipe and valves. Simple operating procedures provided also. In addition potential client list, power plant lists with addresses, phone numbers, and unit sizes will be provided. Report of independent verification of value by experienced professional. Includes professionally completed Web site to sell system.

US 6,012,290

Type of Offer: Sale

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