Amidobetaine solution for oral care

The patent includes an aqueous composition for oral care use comprising an amidobetaine solution. The solution includes the following five advantages:

1) The process of the present invention gives an amidobetaine composition that is most suitable for oral care applications (mouth rinses and tooth pastes) due to its significantly less bitter taste compared to commercially available CAPB for personal care applications.

2) The amidobetaine of the present invention allows use of a number of powerful cationic antimicrobial agents in oral care formulations.

3) The amidobetaine of the present invention can replace anionic surfactants (that are irritant, expensive and incompatible with cationic actives) partially or totally.

4) Using the process of the present invention a high active, self preserving amidobetaine composition (45% solids minimum, 37% betaine content minimum) for oral care can also be made by incorporating other anionic surfactants like sodium lauroyl sarcosinate or sodium cocoyl glycinate (0.5 to 3%) that are very widely used in dental care products.

5) The process of the present invention yields amidobetaine composition with the lowest possible impurity level with less than 5.0 ppm of free sodium monochloroacetate and 3-N,N dimethylpropyldiamine and with less than 30 ppm of aminopropyl dimethylamino betaine.

US 7,534,816   [MORE INFO]

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