Patented instant win card system for sale or license worldwide. Advertising. Contests.

An award winning innovation in advertising, marketing, contests and lotteries. A patented product that combines the thrill of an instant win with a rich interactive online experience.

Six figure repeat sales with major brands and multi-nationals achieved in one year. Key markets include durable goods retailers, telecommunications providers, sports teams and events, trade show marketing, brand name apparel, food services and entertainment.
Engages the consumer in two-way dialogue and has been used for instant prize wins, music downloads, discounts, promotions and other business building campaigns. Has unique message and brand retention aspect that appeals to major marketers and a fun, superior alternative to scratch cards which appeals to consumers.

Easily scalable to $100 million plus with modest capital investment in manufacturing. Production can be fully outsourced.

Owner of IP wishes to license it for sale and production in new geographic markets or sell the IP in whole or in part.

Patent numbers provided upon request only, for confidentiality reasons.

Type of Offer: Sale

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