Device for the Exploitation of Sea Wave Energy

The Asset relates to a submarine/underwater device intended to be used over a short distance from the coast at depths of 20/30 meters which operates by differential pressure (use of differential pressure ridge/trough), to generate electricity.

With the smallest cell (about 7 meters diameter) is expected to generate 250 kilowatts (figure likely to increase articulating the dimensions of the cell and the set of diaphragms).

By the tests performed and data collected, this device is able to solve the problem of power generation at a low cost, in an environmentally friendly way, using pressures exerted by the passage of waves in the sea, unlike current technologies which generally works with kinetic energy of the wave and are generally devices not fully submerged, with the inherent risks (obstacles to navigation, submission to the climate, etc.).

The main innovations and the technical solutions that the Asset presents are:
- The system to maximise returns by automatic search of the maximum differential pressure.
- The shape of the diaphragm is also innovative, allowing a greater range of motion.
- Reduced costs of production and maintenance.
- Flotage for maintenance purposes.

Currently the patent has an application for the award INVENTA sponsored by the Portuguese Patent Office.

Is also being considered for inclusion in the Marine and Hydrokinetic Technologies Database of the US DoE.

PT 103,425   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

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