Identification device

An identification device comprises a semi-conductor chip 2 mounted on a substrate 4 forming an antena 6 extending from opposite sides of the chip and a yarn 10 disposed over the substrate such that the chip is between the substrate and the yarn. Preferably a UV light curable resin adhesive 12 bonds the yarn and substrate. The yarn may be mono or multi filament and the substrate may have a lateral dimension equal to the yarn thickness. The substrate may be trimmed to its lateral dimension by retractable blades in one jaw of a two jaw tool used to bring and hold the substrate and yarn together during bonding. During assembly the yarn is preferably held horizontal to minimise gravitational or capillary movement of resin along the yarn. The filaments of a multi-filament yarn may make room for the chip to make for little variation in lateral dimensions of the device. The device is preferably an RFID device used in woven braided, knitted or embroidered fabric for use at the point of sale or in stocktaking. The device may be connected to a power source by conductive filaments in the yarn.

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GB 2,472,025


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