Cell Separation Device, Cell Separation System and Cell Separation Method

A cell separation device which can perform a continuous processing without bonding fluorescent molecules or magnetic particles to the surface of the cell membrane, a cell separation system, and a cell separation method, wherein when a sample cell suspension containing the desired target cells is supplied continuously from a sample inlet and physiological saline is supplied continuously from a physiological saline inlet, the sample cell suspension flows together with the physiological saline in a liquid flow path and an adsorption force acts on the target cells due to affinity bonding from the adsorbing portions of adsorbing regions in the form of strips formed in a planar wall portion. Since the adsorbing regions in the form of strips are disposed in an asymmetric fashion to the flow path direction of the liquid flow path, the adsorption force acting on the target cells has a constituent perpendicular to the flow path direction. As a result, the target cells collect on one side of the planar wall portion after flowing for a prescribed distance in the liquid flow path and can be separated continuously from the non-target constituents.

JP 2,009,002,335


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