Heat Exchanger

Each fin 30 is designed to have continuous lines of wave crests 34 and continuous lines of wave troughs 36 arranged at a preset angle in a specific angle range of 10 degrees to 60 degrees relative to the main stream of the air flow and symmetrically folded back about folding lines of a preset folding interval W along the main stream of the air flow. A ratio (a/p) of an amplitude 'a' of a waveform including one wave crest 34 and one adjacent wave trough 36 to a fin pitch 'p' satisfies a relation of 1.3Re-0.5
The present invention relates to a heat exchanger, and more specifically pertains to a heat exchanger designed to perform heat exchange by making a fluid flow between at least two opposed heat transfer members.

n the prior art heat exchanger with the slit fins or in the prior art heat exchanger with the wavy fins, however, while the slits or the wave crests and wave troughs improve the heat transfer coefficient, the resulting projections or the resulting partial cutting and folding may cause separation of the air flow or a local speed multiplication to increase the ventilation resistance rather than the heat transfer coefficient. In application of such a heat exchanger for an evaporator in refrigeration cycles, the water vapor content in the air may adhere in the form of dew or frost to the heat exchanger and clog the slits or the waveforms with condensed water or frost to interfere with the smooth air flow. In the prior art heat exchanger with the V-shaped wavy fins, there is no separation of the air flow or local speed multiplication caused by the projections or the partial cutting and folding. The V-shaped wave crests and wave troughs on the V-shaped wavy fins may, however, have the low heat transfer coefficient or the high ventilation resistance.

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