Microdialysis Chamber System with Included Colloidal Materials and Method for the Manufacture Thereof

The invention relates to a microdialysis chamber system comprising a base member (1) made of a solid material that does not swell in water, at least one cavity (4) functioning as a dialysis chamber, containing water soluble colloidal materials (5) and at least one asymmetrical composite membrane (3) as a dialysis membrane that covers the dialysis space and covers the base member on one or both sides. Optionally, a perforated plastic film is located between the base member and the composite membrane on one or both sides. The asymmetric composite membrane is formed from a porous structural layer (7) that does not swell in water and that has penetrating, un-branched pores that are permeable with respect to the colloidal materials and an organic xerogel (6) that fills the pores on one side, said xerogel being capable of swelling in water and representing a permeation barrier for the colloidal materials in the swelled state. The pores of the layer contain the xerogel in the entrance areas thereof on the side facing away from the dialysis space. The object of the invention is also an asymmetric composite membrane for microdialysis and a method for manufacturing the microdialysis chamber system, and use thereof.

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DE 102,008,002,050


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