Photoelectric conversion device, photoelectric conversion device material, photosensor and imaging device

A photoelectric conversion device comprising an electrically conductive film, an organic photoelectric conversion film, and a transparent electrically conductive film, wherein the organic photoelectric conversion film contains a compound represented by the following formula (1) and an n-type organic semiconductor: Formula (1): wherein each of R(1) and R(2) independently represents a substituted aryl group, an unsubstituted aryl group, a substituted heteroaryl group or an unsubstituted heteroaryl group, each of R(3) to R(11) independently represents a hydrogen atom or a substituent provided that an acidic group is excluded, m represents 0 or I, n represents an integer of 0 or more, R(1) and R(2), R(3) and R(4), R(3) and R(5), R(5) and R(6), R(6) and Rg, R(7) and R(8), R(7) and R(9), or R(10) and R(11) may be combined each other to form a ring, and when n is an integer of 2 or more, out of a plurality of R(7)'s and R(8)'s, a pair of R(7)'s, a pair of R(8)'s, or a pair of R(7) and R(8) may be combined each other to form a ring.

US 2,011,074,491

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