Solid Imaging Device and X-ray Ct Device Including the Solid Imaging Device

The present invention relates to a solid-state imaging device, etc. having a structure for capturing a high-resolution image even when any row selecting wiring is disconnected. The solid-state imaging device (1) comprises a photodetecting section (10), a signal reading-out section (20), a row selecting section (30), a column selecting section (40), an overflow preventing section (50), and a controlling section (60). The photodetecting section (10) has M×N pixel portions P 1,1 to P M,N two-dimensionally arranged in a matrix of M rows and N columns, and each of the pixel portions P 1,1 to P M,N includes a photodiode that generates charge of an amount according to an incident light intensity and a reading-out switch connected to the photodiode. Each of the N pixel portions P m,1 to P m,N belonging to an m-th row is connected to the row selecting section (30) and the overflow preventing section (50) by an m-th row selecting wiring L V,m

JP 2,009,182,613

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