Closed loop diabetes management system

Diabetes management apparatus comprising a sensor 12 providing measurements of glucose level in a human or animal; an insulin pump 16 for delivering a dose of insulin to said human or animal; and a processor 14. The processor 14 is adapted to perform the following steps: receive said measurements of glucose level from said sensor 12; calculate a insulin dose to be delivered by said insulin pump 16 based on said received measurement; assess the validity of the status of the apparatus; and send a command to said insulin pump 16 to deliver said calculated insulin dose, dependent on said assessing step confirming that the status is valid. The insulin pump 16 is configured to deliver a preset dose of insulin unless said processor 14 sends a command to said insulin pump 16 and wherein a said command sent to said insulin pump 16 is valid only for a predetermined time interval so that if no further commands are sent to said insulin pump 16 during said predetermined time interval, said insulin pump 16 reverts to delivering said preset dose of insulin at the end of said predetermined time interval.

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GB 2,466,183

Inventor(s): HOVORKA ROMAN [GB]

Type of Offer: Sale

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