Intermediate Band Semiconductor Photovoltaic Devices, Uses Thereof and Methods for their Manufacture

A photovoltaic device such as a solar cell is disclosed having an n-base layer of Inx (AlyGai-y) 1-xP and a p-emitter layer of Inx (AlyGa1-y) 1-xP. x is typically 0.48 for the n-base and for the p-emitter. The n-base layer comprises a superlattice structure, or a superlattice structure is provided between the n-base layer and the p-emitter layer. Each repeating unit of the superlattice structure has quantum dots of InAsZP1-Z where 0 = z = 1 with a strain balancing layer of Inx (AlyGa1-y) 1-xP. x and y in the strain balancing layer are selected to reduce the accumulated strain due to lattice mismatch between the quantum dots and one or more preceding layers of the device. The device therefore forms an intermediate band solar cell.

WO 2,011,042,682

Inventor(s): STANLEY COLIN [GB]

Type of Offer: Sale

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