An Exhaust Arrangement for an Internal Combustion Engine

An exhaust arrangement (16) for an internal combustion engine (10), and internal combustion engine (10) including such an exhaust arrangement (16) comprises a first exhaust duct (18) and a second exhaust duct (20) for the exhaust flow from the engine. A valve arrangement is provided, preferably comprising separate first and second exhaust valves (22,24) associated with each cylinder (12) of the internal combustion engine (10), to selectively direct exhaust from engine (10) to the first exhaust duct (18) during a first exhaust period, and to the second exhaust duct (20) during a subsequent second exhaust period. A turbine (28) having an inlet (26) is connected to the first exhaust duct (18); and a compressor (32) drivingly connected to and driven by the turbine (28), has an inlet (34) connected to second duct (20). The compressor (32), advantageously driven by the turbine (28) extracting energy from the exhaust, reduces the back pressure in the exhaust system (16) so reducing pumping losses, with the second duct (20) bypassing the turbine in the second exhaust period such that the turbine (28) also does not increase the exhaust back pressure at least during the main second exhaust phase. As a result this overall improves the efficiency of the exhaust systems (16) and engine (10).

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