Method and Apparatus for Mounting Electric Component

Provided is an electric component mounting apparatus for greatly reducing a quantity of electric component warpage generated at the time of mounting a thin electric component having a thickness of 200&mgr;m or less on a wiring board by using a nonconductive adhesive which does not contain conductive particles and has a low lowest melt viscosity. On a wiring board (100) placed on a base (11) in the mounting apparatus, a nonconductive adhesive film (300) having a lowest melt viscosity of 1.0x103Pa·s or less is placed, and an IC chip (200) having a thickness of 200&mgr;m or less is placed on the nonconductive adhesive film (300). Then, in the mounting apparatus, pressure is applied to the IC chip (200) by a thermocompression head (12) having a pressure bonding section (14) made of an elastomer having a rubber hardness of 60 or below, and the IC chip (200) is bonded by thermocompression onto the wiring board (100).

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WO 2,009,075,159

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