Oesophageal Treatment Apparatus

A probe and associated apparatus for treating oesophageal tissue with microwave radiation (e.g. radiation having a frequency of 5-60 GHz) are disclosed. The probe comprises a flexible substrate that expands and retracts between an access configuration, e.g. suitable for insertion through an endoscope, and a treatment configuration in which radiating elements, e.g. conducting patches, monopole antennas, slots in a conducting strip or the like, are brought into close proximity with tissue to be treated. The radiating elements are arranged to emit a substantially uniform electromagnetic field with a suitable penetration depth into the tissue. The apparatus can monitor and control the power delivered from the probe into tissue. A method of hollow tube, e.g. oesophageal, pathological treatment and a device for opening and closing the probe are also disclosed.

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EP 2,068,741

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