Wiring Board Receiving Plate, and Device and Method for Connection of Wiring Board Using Same

It is an object to realize ACF connection with a high connecting reliability that achieves uniform thermal compression bonding for a wiring board with electronic components mounted on the back surface. A thermal compression bonding head (12) presses flexible printed circuit boards (4, 5) against a mother board substrate (1) on which electronic components are mounted and heats an anisotropic conductive adhesive film to carry out AFC connection between the mother board substrate (1) and connecting members of the flexible printed circuit boards (4, 5). At this time a receiving plate (13) is used as a receiving base, which is made of elastic materials such as silicone rubber and in which a recess (13a) with a shape corresponding to that of the electronic component (6) is defined at an electronic component mounted position of the mother board substrate (1). The thermal compression bonding is carried out in such a condition that this receiving plate (13) supports the back surface of the mother board substrate

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WO 2,009,054,191

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