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Sanitary Hygiene Door Handle

Sanitary Door Handle for pull doors for ultimate Hygiene solution No disinfective spray or solution or motorised system, or cumbersome door linkages. Simple and ready to install on pull doors. No external or internal power source is required. Each pull and release of the handle dispenses a fresh paper/film so that any contaminated handle is never touched by hand. Cross-contamination by hand of bacteria, yeast and hazardous micro-germs present in high traffic areas is minimized.

A Method & System of attaching a building panel

Modular Frame system and ABS fasteners used to attach ACM cassettes and the like to a building facade. The system can be pre-assembled in manageable sections ready for attachment to the sub structure and allows for non-sequential installation of cassette panels across the work face. The joints are progressively completed using a compressive silicone gasket that can be supplied if desired colour matched to the selected ACM cassette The System can reduce the site installation time significantl

Multifunctional Construction Molding with Integrated Electrical Interconnect and Outlet

"This patent describes an electrical distribution system that includes a power track integrated within structure, trim, or architectural elements. This electrical distribution system also includes electrical adapters or interface plug-to-receptacle device that allows a conventional electrical plug to be plugged into the narrow opening of the power track. This technology provides advantages over conventional electrical wall outlets, including improved aesthetics and an increase in the points-

Heating cooling and storing energy in a building with just two moving parts

Solar-fin overview Nature is the most efficient collector of energy: A flower opens and closes with the sun to collect energy. So why can’t buildings do the same? The Solar-fin system emulates this simplicity with 2 moving parts to heat or cool a thermal storage medium and to then transfer this energy as required to the building’s thermal mass. The parts and materials are readily available to keep costs down so that payback periods are minimal. The façade is clear glass and the solar-fin

Dual panel window shade apparatus

A dual panel roller window shade apparatus includes an outer panel, an inner panel, a canopy, and a cord. The panels are radially spaced and rigidly attached to the spool at respective circumferential points. In operation, the spool is selectively operable via the cord such that the panels move generally vertically up and down relative to each other. A plurality of corresponding positive and negative designs may be formed on the panels. Looking to sell the rights for my patent formerly leased

Innovative design tile patent with infinite pattern

With only one tile you can create infinite patterns. So you are able to create your own, uniqe design in your kitchen, bathroom or any floor or wall. If you combine tiles wich have different colors you have even more graphic options. The Patent is worldwide (every country wich has tile manufacture).

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