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Method and Device for the Selective Classification of Particles According to the Size Thereof

The invention relates to a method and to a device for the selective classification of particles according to the size thereof, determined by a maximum main dimension (a, b, c) of the particle geometry, by conducting the classification by means of passages (3) in a screening structure (3, 4, 5, 11) that are effective for three-dimensional classification.

Techniques for Determining the Effects on a System of a Component That Has Four States

Techniques for determining effects on a biological system include determining rate constants for a particular time interval starting at an initial time. Each rate constant indicates a rate of transition from one of four states to a different one of the four states for a component of a biological system in presence of an external factor. A temporal change in a probability that the component is in a particular state after the initial time is determined without numerical iteration over multiple tim

Reflective Surface

The invention relates to a reflective surface substantially perpendicular to a vector field described by the equation: W (x,y,z) = T ( proj(x,y,z)) - (x,y,z) + proj(x,y,z) - (x,y,z) ¦¦T(proj(x,y,z)) - (x,y,z)¦¦¦¦proj(x,y,z) - (x,y,z)¦¦ and a method for forming the reflective surface. The reflective surface is capable of providing a non-reversed, substantially undistorted direct reflection.

Method for comparing three-dimensional surface triangulations of e.g. dinosaur, involves comparing three dimensional surface triangulation are based on three dimensional-moment invariants that are cal

The method involves computing three dimensional-moment invariants for location description of relevant vertices of three dimensional-surface triangulations within defined local areas. Numerical characteristics are determined in a form of accurate surface momentum of the three dimensional-surface triangulations without sampling. The three dimensional-moment invariants are computer from the determined numerical characteristics. The three dimensional surface triangulation are compared based on thre

Sparse Matrix By Vector Multiplication

The invention involves pre-processing the matrix according to an encoding scheme whereby the non-zero data (in any numerical format), blocking information, the row an column offset indices within a block are represented by state machine control words which are combined in a single data stream. Thus, a single vector may be used to store all of the matrix information required to compute a sparse matrix by vector multiplication. Therefore, the system can be used effectively with a single memory cha

Inverse Kinematics

A real-time method for controlling a system, the system including a plurality of controlling means each having at least one variable parameter (q) and a controlled element having a trajectory which is controlled by the controlling means, wherein the trajectory is related to the variable parameters by a variable matrix, the method comprising defining a control transfer matrix (K) relating the variable parameters d q to the trajectory dx, and using a feedback loop in which a feedback term is compu

AES Algorithm Processing Method and Processors Resistant to Differential Power Analysis Attack

A method of performing a cryptographic process on data, the cryptographic process treating a quantity of the data as an element of a Galois field GF(?k), where k=rs, the method comprising: isomorphically mapping the element of the Galois field GF(?k) to an s-tuple of elements of a Galois field GF(?'); and representing and processing each of the elements of the s-tuple of elements of the Galois field GF(?') in the form of one or more respective n-of-m codewords, where an n-of-m codeword comprises

Processing of Object Detection Signals

A method of processing return remote sensing pulses comprising using Bayes Linear statistics to modify a return remote sensing pulse in light of at least one of data relating to at least one previously processed return remote sensing pulse and data governing the return remote sensing pulse shape/parameters.

A Conductance Multigrid Solver for Computing Multilabel Random Walker Probabilities

Numerical multigrid methods have been successfully applied to elliptical and parabolic PDE problems offering speed ups of the solution many times over conventional PDE solvers. This technology describes an extension of the geometric multigrid algorithm for solving the diffusion equation; specifically for diffusion with spatially varying coefficients. Benefits Many applications that require the solution of PDE�s, such as segmentation work, require the solution of a set of diffusion PDEs wi

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