Plants Resistant to Dicamba

Status: Search Completed

Winners Announced!
Congratulations to the winners of the challenge:
  • Tildon Belgard
  • Alfreda Tonelli

A client is interested in prior art citations for primary sources related to plants resistant to dicamba.

$10,000 Award for each document that meets the Client's requirements.

Deadline for Submissions: Search closed.

The Seeker is looking for any non-patent literature, presentations, posters, oral proceedings, etc. publically disclosed or described prior to June 6, 2005 relating to the concepts and methods described in the enclosed patents 7,855,326 and 7,939,721. English language or non-English with relevant passages translated into English.

The information we are looking for relates to field test results on dicamba tolerant crops. These results will detail the timing of application (whether pre or post planting) and the resulting tolerance/damage to the dicamba tolerant crops. It is likely that these results will be found for plants harboring the resistance gene described in patent 7,022,896 and will date from the 1990s, although results in the 2000s are possible. The information that we are looking will most likely be found in sources such as conference proceedings, conference posters or university trials.

The reference must disclose plants comprising a dicamba tolerance gene and the application of dicamba and/or a benzoic acid herbicide to those plants and include details of the timing of this application. The plant can be any type of plant, but soybeans would be of particular interest.

The Seeker is not interested in dicamba-resistant weed species studies or work on incidental exposure of soybean to dicamba.

The herbicide application (and not inadvertent exposure) to the crop (not weed species) must be detailed with respect to timing and resultant tolerance or damage from dicamba or other benzoic acid herbicides such as chloramben.

The expected deliverable is a reference detailing the application of dicamba to a dicamba tolerant crop that outlines the timing of application and the results of said application, plus a detailed explanation of how your reference meets the specific requirements of this request.