Imaging Systems for Phenotyping Plants

Status: Search Completed

Winners Announced!
Congratulations to the winners of the challenge:
  • Tildon Belgard
  • Judi Krzyzanowski

A client is interested in prior art citations for primary sources related to systems, methods or technologies for imaging a plant or plant tissue to identify a certain characteristic.

The Seeker is looking for any *non-patent* literature, presentations, posters, oral proceedings, reports, etc. publicly disclosed or described prior to January 29, 2002 relating to imaging methods for evaluating the specific characteristics, phenotype, qualities, or trait of a plant (e.g. disease resistance). Information must be in English language or non-English with the relevant passages translated into English.

Relevant citations will relate to a method, process, system or technology for imaging plant characteristics or phenotype to differentiate specific cells or tissues or qualities (e.g. stress response). The information will most likely be found in sources such as conference proceedings, posters, public lectures, citations, research proposals, or laboratory manuals. National patent applications or patent applications filed in one country only and are not based on a published PCT application may be of interest. This excludes national patents from the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia and Japan and any country that is a member of the European Regional Patent system.

The Seeker is not interested in published work from major research or scientific publications, or international patents. These sources are less likely to provide a successful Solution to this Challenge.

The expected deliverable is a reference, prior to January 29, 2002, that describes systems, methods or technologies for imaging plants, plus an explanation of how your reference meets the specific requirements of this request.

$10,000 Award for each citation that meets the Client's requirements.