2017 Finalists

Finalists for the Syngenta 2016 Crop Challenge are:

Team Members Submission Title
Oskar Marko, Sanja Brdar, Marko Panić, Isidora Šašić, Milivoje Knežević, Danica Despotović, Vladimir Crnojević Portfolio Optimisation for Seed Selection in Diverse Weather Scenarios

Zhongshun Shi, Yu Zhao, Xi Zhang, Leyuan Shi A Decision Making Approach for Soy Seed Variety Selection via Hedging Against Weather Risk

Benjamin Harlander, Taylor Thiel Soybean Portfolio Selection with LASSO Model Averaging and Integer Linear Programming

Durai Sundaramoorthi, Lingxiu Dong, Iva Rashkova, Piruthiviraj Sivaraj A Hierarchical-Ensemble of Machineries to Optimize the Choice of Soybean Varieties

Yunhe Feng, Wenjun Zhou Seed Stocking Via Multi-Task Learning

2016 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Syngenta 2016 Crop Challenge

First Place
Xiaocheng Li
Huaiyang Zhong
Associate Professor David Lobell
Associate Professor Stefano Ermon

Second Place
Nataraju Vusirikala
Mehul Bansal
Prathap Siva Kishore Kommi

Third Place
Bhupesh Shetty
Ling Tong
Samuel Burer

What the Winners Had to Say

2016 Finalists

Finalists for the Syngenta 2016 Crop Challenge are:

Team Members Submission Title
Bhupesh Shetty, Ling Tong, Samuel Burer Balancing weather risk and crop yield for soybean variety selection

Yu Zhao, Jingsi Huang, Ming Qin Soy variety selection to maximize yield and minimize risk based on neural network prediction and portfolio theory

Mark Rees, Yidong Peng, Jaremy Babila, Mike Lyons, Lily Huang, Yinghan Song, Chun-Yang Wei, Susan Arnot The selection of the best soybean varieties for hedging risk of weather uncertainties-a deep learning and heuristic optimization approach

Oskar Marko, Sanja Brdar, Marko Panic, Predrag Lugonja Soybean varieties portfolio optimisation based on yield prediction using weighted histograms

Nataraju Vusirikala, Mehul Bansal, Prathap Siva Kishore Kommi Decision assist tool for seed variety selection to provide best yield in known soil and uncertain future weather conditions

Xiaocheng Li, Huaiyang Zhong, David Lobell, Stefano Ermon Hierarchy modeling of soybean variety yield and decision making for future planting plan

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