Team-based Approach to Problem Solving

A team-based approach
to R&D problem solving.

A Method that Works...

We've all been there. You just KNOW you have an innovative solution that would really leap your company forward, it just needs one final ingredient to make it work. You talk with your peers, friends and co-workers. You burn the midnight oil. You toss and turn, scratch your head raw, but just can't get that final puzzle piece in place.

Then a casual comment from your barber (of all people!) ignites a fire in your brain. That's it! That's it! And everything falls into place.

Is he smarter than you? Probably not. But having completely different experiences, world views, and exposures can bring out just the key ingredient to making things work.

And that is the basis of how IdeaConnection works. We believe that by putting together people with a variety of knowledge, experiences, and skill sets, we give you the smartest tool available to solve your company's challenges.

So if you bring us a big data challenge, there won't be just data scientists on the team. For it is diversity that will most likely result in success. And we don't assemble just one team, but several, all with different domain expertise and approaches. It's a method we have found to be extremely effective, and companies like Pfizer, Syngenta, and Fujitsu agree.

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