Binder solutions for metal casting

We are searching for innovative binder solutions for the manufacture of molds and cores used in the production of metal castings. In particular, binders with the following qualities:

• Either a controllable self-setting system, where work-time could be varied by the use of different grades of hardener, or different addition levels of hardener OR a system which could achieve almost instantaneous cure through the application of a low hazard gaseous hardener / catalyst (e.g. CO2)
• Low toxicity / low hazard material in terms of labelling and occupational exposure limits, and with zero or very low levels of free formaldehyde
• High strength development at low (<5%) addition levels
• Chemical curing reaction, NOT a dehydration process. The curing mechanism should not be dependent on an external heat source and should take place under ambient conditions
• Low cost, high volume product. Market volumes are measured in thousands of tonnes, but cost to the manufacturer (our client) would need to be <€2000 per tonne given volume production
• No deterioration in strength on ambient storage for several days, and preferably an increase in strength
• No adverse chemical reaction between the aggregate / binder and the metal during casting process

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