Soil-less Potting System to Transport Mature Trees

I am looking for a system and/or methodology that will allow me to dig up mature trees currently growing in natural soil on farms in Thailand (palm trees, flowering trees and fruit trees with a height between 2 to 4 meters), remove all of the natural soil and replace this with a "soil-less" mix of peat moss or peat moss-like material plus other additives and nutrients that will allow the trees to be packed in fabric bags or plastic pots and be shipped in refrigerated containers to the Middle East, with a typical transit time of around 3 weeks.

The requirement set by most importing countries is that all plants and trees imported must be in a "soil-less" mix and not be found to have any nemotodes or other harmful worms, insects, bacteria, etc. following inspection at the entry ports.

We have established a depot in Thailand, where the trees can be export packed using such a methodology and stored for whatever time is needed for the trees to stabilize after the transplanting from the natural condition into the new planting matrix.

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