Six Thinking Hats

Used with well-defined and explicit Return On Investment success in corporations worldwide, Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. A powerful tool set, which once learned can be applied immediately!

Six Thinking Hats You and your team members can learn how to separate thinking into six clear functions and roles. Each thinking role is identified with a colored symbolic "thinking hat." By mentally wearing and switching "hats," you can easily focus or redirect thoughts, the conversation, or the meeting. Blue Hat Process control. Managing the thinking.

Blue Hat

Focus tool.

Thinking agenda development.

Time management plan.

Keep egos and argument in check.

Action planning for next steps, roles, responsibilities, time.

White Hat Data, information, facts — known and needed.

White hat O.P.V. tool — other people’s views.

Spectrum of relevance tool.

Range of accuracy tool.

Plan to get necessary white hat data.

Green Hat Creativity. Ideas. Alternatives. Solutions. Possibilities.

Top of the head tool idea generating tool.

Random entry tool idea generating tool.

Concept fan idea generating tool.

Time and space for creative thinking.

Yellow Hat Benefits with rationale. The optimistic view. Plus points.

Frames of value tool.

Levels of feasibility tool.

Competitive advantage screen.

Sense of potential.

Black Hat Risk assessment. Potential problems. Danger. Difficulties.

Find errors in logic.

Speculate about the future.

Note ways something does not fit.

Set out to remove difficulties with green hat solutions.

Red Hat Hunches. Gut instinct. Intuition. Feelings.

Range of feelings tool.

Decision making tool.

Idea sorting tools.

Idea power tools.

Level of commitment tool.

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