How to Write an Open Innovation Challenge

Learn what types of problems are good for open innovation and how to define a challenge.

Open innovation process

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Discover IdeaConnection's full suite of problem solving, crowdsourcing and collaborative solutions.

Confidential challenges

Confidential Challenges

High quality solutions to your technical or business challenges, without announcing your problem to the world. Learn More
Public challenges

Public Challenges

Find solutions by running a global crowdsourcing challenge. Learn More
Technology scouting

Technology Scouting

Use the power of a network of millions to find technologies or to discover new trends, risks and opportunities. Learn More
Prior art citation

Prior Art Citation

Use the power of crowdsourcing to find prior art where other methods have failed. Learn More
Idea Rally

Idea Rally

Dozen or even hundreds of experts collaborate to develop novel ideas that inspire and energize your in-house teams. Learn More
Agile innovation platform

Agile Innovation Platform

Bring your innovation ecosystem together on a single platform to virtually collaborate on and develop the best ideas. Learn More

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Our customers' love for IdeaConnection goes deep, just like the technical-depth of the solutions that are proposed to them.

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Joseph Byrum
Head of Product Development at Syngenta

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Just like our vast and diverse solver network, our clients come from far and wide and span all sectors.

J&J Aveleda Kraft McKinsey & Company
Kraft McKinsey & Company Pfizer Sigma Alimentos
Pfizer Sigma Alimentos Pepsico Givaudan
Pepsico Givaudan Nike Perkin Elmer
Nike Perkin Elmer Wrigley Ahlstrom
Wrigley Ahlstrom Fujitsu Argos
Fujitsu Argos Bayer Whitmore's
Bayer Whitmore's Dannon Xinova
Dannon Xinova Magna Syngenta
Magna Syngenta Covanta Energy Gojo
Covanta Energy Gojo J&J Aveleda

Build on the Genius of Others

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